“There’s too much important work that needs to be done to waste energy competing. We need to work together.”

Rick Cook, Founder

Terrapin works with a wide range of clients who are looking to aim high and challenge themselves. We engage collaborators from an extensive network, partnering with ecologists, engineers, energy experts and others with deep knowledge on relevant issues. Working together, we craft strategies to make a difference.

Advocates Designers Planners Terrapin Developers Government Executives


Policymakers and public servants have the chance to set a course for future social, economic, and environmental conditions. We advise public officials on ways to practice wise stewardship of our common resources.


Green champions within a company need to build support and think creatively to challenge the status quo. We help corporate leaders focus their vision, rethink products and business models, and plan for organizational change.


Developers and investors want to understand a project’s long-term potential and the environmental, social, and financial consequences of their decisions. We define success in terms of win-win solutions.


Master planners can use green strategies to optimize long-term energy use, promote thriving ecosystems, and elevate residents’ quality of life. We help map out the foundations of a healthy community.


We help architects and other design professionals see high-performance, green design as a springboard to greater creativity. With an integrated approach, we can create fundamentally better environments.


Our expertise can help non-profits and institutions channel their resources to best serve their mission. We work with forward-thinking organizations that want to amplify their voices and inspire change.

Terrapin is hiring!

Terrapin is accepting applications for the position of Jr. Research Analyst. Download the description for more information. No phone calls, please.

The 2014 Summer Internship application deadline has passed. Applicants invited to interview will be notified by April 4.

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