We will challenge you to think creatively about environmental strategy, development, and operations. Our intellectual rigor and depth of knowledge provide transformative solutions for our clients and the built environment.

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Terrapin’s passion and diverse knowledge are focused in the following areas:

  • Environmental Strategies
  • Biophilic Design
  • Ecological Design “Phoebe”
  • Bioinspired Innovation

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We push the boundaries of sustainable design practices by collaborating with leaders in diverse fields ranging from physiology to materials science. We make this pioneering research freely available to promote innovation in the built environment.

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The Future of Library Design, A course teaser

If you think libraries are just musty repositories of old books, then you will need to think again. Libraries have become economic development centers, community gathering places, media production facilities and much more. This August, as part of the Executive Education Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Jeffrey Hoover, Director of Library […]

It’s finally here! The Economics of Biophilia, 2nd edition

The long-time coming second edition of The Economics of Biophilia is finally here for us all to geek out on! Through support from Interface, we at Terrapin are very excited to release this new report. In 2012, we set out to share with the industry the great potential of biophilic design. We sought to provide  […]

2022 Biophilic Design Workshops

Designing with nature could be described as an industry response to health and wellbeing trends. But there is a history and science to this practice known as ‘biophilic design’. Biophilia is the innate connection between humans and nature. Biophilic design is the expression of those experiences of nature for a healthier built environment. Since our […]

The Nature of Wood – a new white paper by Terrapin

Why we love wood may be ingrained in us. Terrapin’s new report is a deep dive into what this biophilic connection is all about. Wood is making a comeback in the built environment and, though most often covered by media for presenting an opportunity to reduce carbon footprints in building construction, awareness of the physiological […]