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Drawing from the latest cross-disciplinary research, we are reimagining standard practices in the built environment. Collaborating with researchers in diverse fields ranging from psychology to materials science, we publish reports, white papers, and articles to engage the community and inform our clients’ projects. This work brings together human wellbeing, the built environment, and the life sciences to create innovative solutions for a changing world.


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Forest Bathing post

Forest Bathing and the Larger Implications of Accessible Nature

The practice of therapeutic “forest bathing” popular in Asia and increasingly in the US supports health, wellbeing and meaningful contact with nature. Providing this access to nature has wide ranging implications for the health of the population and resilience in the face of climate change.

Health and wellbeing feature

Creating a Healthier World

Terrapin works across a broad spectrum of areas—environmental strategy, biophilic design, ecological design, and bioinspired innovation—but all of our efforts aim to create a healthier world. Supporting human health has implications at all scales of the built environment and unites our work across these diverse fields.