The Future of Library Design, A course teaser


The Future of Library Design, A course teaser

If you think libraries are just musty repositories of old books, then you will need to think again. Libraries have become economic development centers, community gathering places, media production facilities and much more.

This August, as part of the Executive Education Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Jeffrey Hoover, Director of Library Design at Tappé Architects, led a truly engaging three-day deep dive on the design of libraries. This course explored the many emerging functions of libraries, design techniques for organizing the many different spaces, and strategies for sustainable and biophilic design.

As in years past, faculty included the head librarians, interior designers, public funding experts, and architects for major library systems. Terrapin’s Bill Browning participates as part of the faculty for the sustainability and biophilic design content. The 3-day course includes student engagement in a combination of interactive lectures and group design exercises. It’s always really a fun and enlightening experience, even for the instructors. The only unfortunate thing is that the course only happens once a year—you’ll need to wait for next year to sign up! Watch the website for news of the program for 2024.

Header image: Calgary Public Library designed by Snøhetta © Michael Grimm

Catie is the Director of Projects at Terrapin and a leader in biophilic design movement. With a background in urban green infrastructure, Catie's interest lies in systems thinking to address human health and sustainability challenges at each scale of the built environment.