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PlaNYC 2030

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Terrapin Partner Bob Fox was appointed to the New York City Sustainability Advisory Board, a diverse panel of environmental design and policy experts gathered to develop forward-thinking strategies for greening New York City as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030. In addition to the formation of a Sustainability Advisory Board, key components of the momentous initiative included creating the Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainability within the Mayor’s Office of Operations and the undertaking of a major greenhouse gas inventory for City government and the City overall.

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As a member of the Sustainability Advisory Board, Bob lends his years of experience with environmental design and policy-making to the task of advising the City on environmentally sound policies and practices. The committee’s work has entailed prioritizing issues for the new sustainability agenda, setting near and long-term sustainability targets for city government, and creating comprehensive strategies for achieving those goals. The Sustainability Advisory Board’s ongoing efforts continue to provide critical support to the Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainability as it strives to make New York City government a thoroughly “green” organization.The City of New York’s active pursuit of sustainable development goals places it in the ranks of other municipal governments around the world that are committed to reducing their impact on the natural environment.

Since the release of PlaNYC 2030 in 2007, the Sustainability Advisory Board has refocused their efforts to ensure that the City’s strategies for sustainability are implemented in-full and remain publicly accountable to citizens’ concerns. Bob’s first-hand experience with gathering stakeholder input through design-related processes, such as Terrapin’s Environmental Opportunity Charrettes, makes him a valuable advocate for public policy that regards the health of New York’s natural environment as inextricable from that of its citizens. Bob’s mature understanding of the complex relationship between human and natural systems underlies his insight into innovative solutions aimed at solving New York City’s most critical environmental problems.


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As a partner, Chris is an architect and sustainability leader focused on systemic thinking to address challenges in the built environment. Chris believes we can learn how to live on this planet if we start listening to nature again.