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Bioinspired Innovation Case Studies


With over 4 billion years of “research and development,” nature provides a rich yet largely unexplored library of technologies that effectively process and manage information, materials, and energy. By abstracting ideas from this catalogue, bioinspired innovation opens the way to technological breakthroughs that are often unattainable using conventional research and development. Pioneering companies are leveraging bioinspired innovation to mitigate risk, increase revenues, reduce cost, and support the development of a regenerative society.

Building on our Tapping into Nature report, Terrapin is creating a series of bioinspired innovation case studies based on our past  projects. The case studies review technologies that were developed using the guidance of Terrapin’s bioinspired innovation team and network of experts. The bioinspired solutions often overcome challenges present in a wide array of industries. These case studies are meant to help companies, research teams, and organizations better understand how bioinspired innovation can be successfully implemented to tackle industrial challenges, minimize risk, maximize profits, and reduce environmental impact.

Case Studies

Each case study features…

  1. Summary of the technology
  2. Overview of the R&D process using bioinspired innovation
  3. Discussion of the technology’s key advantages
  4. Supporting images and diagrams

Click the links below to view and download each case study:

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Bioinspired Innovation Case Studies
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Bioinspired Innovation Case Studies

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