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Terrapin collaborates with organizations to challenge assumptions and develop solutions that lead to improved environmental and financial performance through research, planning, guidelines, and product development.


We challenge our clients to think creatively about environmental strategy, development, and operations. Our intellectual rigor and depth of knowledge leads to transformative solutions for our clients and advances for the built environment.

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Using whole systems thinking, we engage collaborators from our extensive network, partnering with ecologists, engineers, energy experts and others with deep knowledge on relevant issues to develop strategies for our clients that solve their challenges while supporting a sustainable future.

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We develop innovative solutions to today’s built environment challenges by collaborating with researchers in diverse fields from neuroscience and physiology to nano-engineering and data science. This pioneering work is shared to help create a restorative future.

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Terrapin speaks at SXSW Eco 2014

Terrapin will present on both biophilic design and ecological urban design at the 2014 SXSW Eco Conference in Austin, Texas. Bill Browning and Catie Ryan will be speaking on October 6-8 about the recently released paper on “14 Patterns of Biophilia“. On October 7, Terrapin’s own Chris Garvin and Chris Starkey will also conduct the workshop […]

Terrapin hires urban planner Jonce Walker

Terrapin is thrilled to announce the hiring of Jonce Walker, a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor with over a decade of sustainability leadership experience. His work in urban design, renewable energy, green building, and progressive policy has helped transform both public and private institutions. Additionally, Jonce is the founder of Pedal Craft, a philanthropic […]

Bill to Speak at “Grey to Green”

Terrapin’s Bill Browning will be a keynote speaker at the Grey to Green Conference presented by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) in Toronto on August 25th, 2014.  Bill will be discussing Terrapin’s work on biophilia and its benefits supported research in psychology and neuroscience.  He will share design strategies developed from this research.  Biophilic […]

“Biophilic Design Patterns” Published in IJAR

ArchNet’s International Journal of Architectural Research (IJAR) has published a special issue on “Complexity, Patterns and Biophilia.”  The July 2014 online issue includes a peer-reviewed paper by Terrapin “Biophilic Design Patterns: Emerging Nature-Based Parameters for Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment.”  The paper identifies specific parameters emerging in psychology and neuroscience studies, and discusses […]