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Live Work Home

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Interior view of Live Work Home by COOKFOX Architects. ©Richard Barnes/OTTO

Designed as part of the “From the Ground Up” competition, a project sponsored by the Syracuse University School of Architecture, the Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems and Home HeadQuarters, Inc., COOKFOX Architects’ concept for a Live Work Home provides an efficient, highly adaptable space that can be a home for many household types as well as a home-based workshop or office. Because it is multifunctional at many scales, the Live Work Home permits a lifetime of waste-free remodeling and the DIY affordability of a loft. Informed by Terrapin’s research and strategic advising, the project is grounded in ideas of healthy living and biophilia – our innate human need for connection with nature. The home is also a response to Syracuse’s climate and ecology, using low-tech,  passive strategies as the foundation of the home’s green design concept and affordability.

Live Work Home received LEED® Platinum certification in November, 2011.

Catie is the Director of Projects at Terrapin and a leader in biophilic design movement. With a background in urban green infrastructure, Catie's interest lies in systems thinking to address human health and sustainability challenges at each scale of the built environment.