Bill Interviewed by Sleeper Magazine


Bill Interviewed by Sleeper Magazine

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Our partner Bill Browning was recently interviewed by Sleeper Magazine, a publication for global hotel design. In the article “Biophilic Design: Design to Promote Wellbeing,” Bill was asked to comment on how biophilic design could improve the performance of hotel design:

‘This is a question Terrapin Bright Green is currently investigating,’ he explains. ‘We already know that guests will pay more for a room with a view, particularly a view to water, and there is evidence that their dwell time in public spaces is influenced by biophilic design elements like fireplaces and water features. We suspect that use of these elements increases revenue in restaurants, bars and other amenity operations.'”

Bill will also be speaking at this year’s Boutique Design West Conference on the impact biophilic design is having on hotel design.

Allison Bernett is an associate project manager and the public relations coordinator for Terrapin Bright Green. She graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in architecture and biology. Allison’s interests focus on architecture, sustainability, and bioinspired innovation.