Bill to Speak at BD West 2017


Bill to Speak at BD West 2017

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Bill Browning, partner and co-founder of Terrapin, will be speaking at this year’s BD West Conference and Expo in Los Angeles running from April 5th to the 6th. BD West is part of the Boutique Design Trade Fairs for hospitality design professionals. Bill will be in the session “Biophilic Design” on April 5th, speaking alongside Erin Hoover, creative director and brand design strategist for Erin Hoover Co. The session will be moderated by Lorraine Francis, the regional director of hospitality interiors at Gensler.

Biophilic lobby

Biophilic design in hotel lobbies can affect how long occupants linger in the space. Image copyright Terrapin Bright Green.

Bill will present some of Terrapin’s latest research about biophilic design in hospitality design. The research looks at how natural elements and patterns of nature can enhance the guest experience. The research specifically examines how biophilic design can affect room rates, lobby use and activity, and guest reviews, among other aspects of hospitality. This forthcoming research is sponsored by Interface. We hope to see you there!

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Allison Bernett is an associate project manager and the public relations coordinator for Terrapin Bright Green. She graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in architecture and biology. Allison’s interests focus on architecture, sustainability, and bioinspired innovation.