Video: Biophilic Design in New York City


Video: Biophilic Design in New York City

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Spending time in nature or viewing natural scenery is known to lower your heart rate, reduce stress, and improve creativity. In New York City, it can be especially to hard to reap these benefits with so little access to natural spaces, so some designers strive to bring the outside in through biophilic design. Our partner and co-founder, Bill Browning, was recently interviewed for a brief news piece exploring biophilic design in workplaces around New York City. The video also features Terrapin’s sunlit office, the beautiful Kickstarter Headquarters space, and Human Spaces’ Global Report. Watch the full video below:

Biophilic Design in New York City from Terrapin Bright Green on Vimeo.

*Video produced by Christine Kiernan/Thomson Reuters.

Terrapin has done a lot of work and research around biophilic design, particularly in workplace design. Our popular paper, The Economics of Biophilia, outlines the financial benefits of a healthier workplace and happier employees. Terrapin also helped guide biophilic interventions in workplaces like COOKFOX Architects’ studio, Glumac’s Shanghai office, Clif Bar’s industrial bakery in Twin Falls, RMI’s Innovation Center, and the Bank of America Tower.

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Allison Bernett is an associate project manager and the public relations coordinator for Terrapin Bright Green. She graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in architecture and biology. Allison’s interests focus on architecture, sustainability, and bioinspired innovation.