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Serengeti National Park

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Working with the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), the Tanzanian government, Hart Howerton, hoteliers and tour operators, master planners, and scientists, Terrapin participated in a workshop exploring development issues related to the future of the Serengeti National Park. In particular, this workshop focused on balancing Tanzania’s, TANAPA’s, and the surrounding communities’ need to generate income with the Park’s capacity to accommodate growing numbers of visitors.

Entrance to Serengeti National Park - Courtesy of Timothy Forbes

Entrance to Serengeti National Park. Image copyright Timothy Forbes

Topics addressed included how best to measure the Park’s visitor capacity, provide the necessary facilities, and allow more people to experience the Park without negatively impacting the ecosystem. Preserving this ecosystem is especially critical because some of the largest animal migrations on the planet travel through the Serengeti. One result of the workshop was a strategic plan to keep the Park accessible to visitors of all income levels but ensure that any new development within the Park would be as high-end and low-volume as possible to generate proportionally high financial returns. The next step of the project will include sustainable design strategies for the master planning and vertical development.

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