Bill to Speak at “Grey to Green”


Bill to Speak at “Grey to Green”

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Bill Browning, a world leader on biophilic design, will share Terrapin’s latest research findings on the science of biophilia and emerging best design practices.

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Terrapin’s Bill Browning will be a keynote speaker at the Grey to Green Conference presented by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) in Toronto on August 25th, 2014.  Bill will be discussing Terrapin’s work on biophilia and its benefits supported research in psychology and neuroscience.  He will share design strategies developed from this research.  Biophilic design, or connecting the built environment to the natural world, has been proven to increase productivity, mood, and healing for healthier lives and communities.  The conference features over 75 expert speakers, training events, networking opportunities and local project tours.

The Grey to Green Conference promotes the economics of green infrastructure and healthy design.  GRHC is a membership-based industry association that is working toward strengthening the green roofs and green walls industry in North America.  Terrapin’s findings on biophilia firmly support GRHC’s aim to increase awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of living architecture.

Hear Bill speak about these fascinating new findings!  To learn more about the Grey to Green Conference and register, visit


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Catie is the Director of Projects at Terrapin and a leader in biophilic design movement. With a background in urban green infrastructure, Catie's interest lies in systems thinking to address human health and sustainability challenges at each scale of the built environment.