Bill’s Greenbuild Session Available Online


Bill’s Greenbuild Session Available Online

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Bill’s Greenbuild 2015 session, Biophilic Design in Context: Applications for Culture & Climate, is now available online!

Hear from Bill Browning, Clif Bar’s Elysa Hammond and Glumac Engineering’s Nicole Isle as they discuss the application of biophilic design patterns across different building types, climates, and cultures. Listen as they talk about their experiences using biophilic design, and how they applied the patterns to meet the needs of their unique projects. We’ll hear from Nicole about Glumac Engineering’s new engineering office in Shanghai and how it differs from projects in the US Pacific Northwest, and from Elysa about Clif Bar & Company’s evolution of thinking on biophilia for a renovated headquarters in coastal California and a new industrial bakery in Idaho.

While these projects are incredibly different in terms of scale, building type, culture, and climate, they all incorporate biophilic design in relevant and meaningful ways. As Elysa explains, the key is to revisit your plans again and again and ask what more can be done. In many cases, the project’s greatest challenges become opportunities to apply biophilic design principles in creative ways.

For more online sessions, visit Greenbuild on YouTube.

Rendering of the Clif Bar Bakery located in Twin Falls, ID. Courtesy of Clif Bar.

Rebecca is the Director of Operations at Terrapin and has a background in natural resource policy and management. She is interested in how policy helps shape our relationship to nature, and how we can work with and learn from natural systems to address human needs.