Terrapin to Present at the Living Product Expo 2016


Terrapin to Present at the Living Product Expo 2016

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Living Buildings, but what about Living Products? Terrapin will be presenting at the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Expo 2016 in Pittsburgh. On September 14th, Chris Garvin, Bill Browning, and Erika Hanson of Erika Hanson Design will be leading the session “Tapping into Nature: Driving Manufacturing Innovation with Biomimicry and Biophilic Design.” This hands-on session will discuss how bioinspired innovation (or biomimicry) and biophilic design can lead to healthier, more profitable, and environmentally-friendly products, manufacturing processes, and facilities.

HARBEC plastic injection mold inspired by dicot leaves

A HARBEC plastic injection mold with leaf vein-inspired cooling channels for rapid heat dissipation decreases cooling time by over 20% and reduces energy use by one fifth. Terrapin assisted HARBEC in this project. Image copyright HARBEC.

Chris, Bill, and Erika all have experience using bioinspired innovation and biophilic design to inform product development and manufacturing facility design. They will be sharing their past experiences with these innovation tools, and explaining the benefits they see from using them. Although they are distinct methodologies, bioinspired innovation and biophilic design both rely on nature and natural processes as sources of inspiration. Bioinspired innovation is just that—innovations inspired by unique biological adaptations, whether it’s self-healing polymers inspired by squid teeth or photonic sensors mimicking butterfly wings. Technologies and processes derived from nature’s genius help move us toward a truly sustainable future. Biophilic design on the other hand brings natural elements and spatial patterns into buildings and urban environments. Spending time in these spaces has proven benefits for wellbeing and productivity. Bringing nature onto the factory floor to improve health and productivity sets a radical vision for the future of the factory.

Read more about this session and register for the Living Product Expo 2016 by following this link: http://sched.co/7XT7 We hope to see you there!


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Allison Bernett is an associate project manager and the public relations coordinator for Terrapin Bright Green. She graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in architecture and biology. Allison’s interests focus on architecture, sustainability, and bioinspired innovation.