Advancing Sustainability at the Williams Lake Resort Community

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Advancing Sustainability at the Williams Lake Resort Community

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In 2016, Terrapin facilitated an interactive environmental opportunities charrette with the project owners and the design team to identify energy and sustainability goals for the 779 acre Williams Lake Resort Community. The charrette explored ecological concepts, biophilic design, sustainable technologies and strategies, the LEED rating system, and other performance enhancements.

Charrette voting and goal setting. Image courtesy of Allison Bernett/Terrapin Bright Green

Charrette voting and goal setting exercise.                     Image courtesy of Allison Bernett/Terrapin Bright Green

Williams Lake Resort Community // Goals



The vision of the Williams Lake Resort Community is to build a contemporary, sustainable resort that honors the site’s unique history while building meaningful and lasting connections to the local community.  The project will be an environmentally focused resort and residential community located in the town of Rosendale, NY. The 130-room resort will total 400,000 sf and includes a 17,000 sf spa/ wellness center, outdoor recreation and wellness amenities, and 154 residences, comprised of two townhouse projects and single-family residences. The beautiful landscape includes several lakes, rugged trails, and unique ecological features, including bat hibernacula.

Staff from TBG, HH, and the WLP tour the site in the fall of 2016.

Team members touring the site.                                                                                                                       Image courtesy of Allison Bernett/Terrapin Bright Green

Following the charrette, Terrapin developed a comprehensive report that helped the development team understand which specific sustainability strategies and goals are critical to create the premier environmentally progressive development in the Hudson Valley and New York. The report included a detailed sustainability strategy implementation matrix based on the outcomes of the charrette and our professional expertise. The matrix consisted of an analysis of sustainability strategy recommendations, cost, and applicable building typologies for the following categories:

Recognizing that the most progressive projects consider the triple bottom line, Terrapin also included a comprehensive assessment of 42 strategy recommendations as they relate to economic, social, environmental impacts.

Jonce is an urban planner and sustainability professional creating solutions using cues from nature.