Bill Browning quoted in Hospitality Design Magazine


Bill Browning quoted in Hospitality Design Magazine

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The December 2016 issue of Hospitality Design magazine features biophilic design and quotes Terrapin partner Bill Browning. Bill discusses some of the findings from Terrapin’s ongoing research into biophilic design in the hospitality industry, which has been sponsored by Interface. The research delves into whether biophilic design leads to a higher ROI in hotels. So far, the findings support this. For instance, biophilic hotel lobbies tend to have more active users and attract locals, and people tend to comment more on the design and experience of biophilic hotels as opposed to conventional hotels where they comment about the usual aspects of a stay, like the service. Regarding the effect of biophilic design on the guest experience, Bill says:

If you make this part of the experience, people will remember you and respond positively.

Gordon Beckman of John Portman & Associates and Phua Hong Wei of WOHA are also quoted in the article and share their perspectives and experiences with biophilic design.

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