14 Patterns Goes Multilingual


14 Patterns Goes Multilingual

With the collaboration of ARP-Astrance and Gondwana, the 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design is now also 14 Modèles de Conception Biophilique! After months of translation and editorial review, the 60-page publication is now available in French and will soon also be available in Spanish. The landing page for the French language publication provides downloadable PDFs, as well as a press-ready version of the very popular 14 Patterns postcard.

The intent of making press-ready postcards available is to increase public access and distribution at work, events, or in educational settings at little cost. Just take the PDF to your local print shop and order as many as you need! Stay tuned for press-ready postcards in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

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Catie is the Director of Projects at Terrapin and a leader in biophilic design movement. With a background in urban green infrastructure, Catie's interest lies in systems thinking to address human health and sustainability challenges at each scale of the built environment.